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It's an experience many of our fellow nerds can relate to: You talk to some friends and agree to start a game of D&D, you spend time crafting characters and backstory, you get your dice in a row, and then... it falls through. And then what are you left with? A couple characters who mean so much to you and no longer have a home. Maybe you tuck away the character sheets and hope for a day when scheduling pans out for everyone, maybe you move on to some MMORPG to dump your storytelling feelings into, or maybe, if you're a writer and an illustrator with a knack for doing silly voices and get stuck in your tiny apartment, you come up with a whole world.
And so we made Sons of Wyn K'Moji! Not so much a web comic as a comic on the web (a distinction that I'm making largely based in structure and release schedule) to chronicle the adventures of these characters who were too precious for us to part with, as well as all the others we built around them. Our first issue hints at some of the many folks you'll meet in Wyn K'Moji, a world under two suns, full of magic and machinery alike, but rest assured we have so much more coming for you. There will be drama, action, adventure, cryptic cults and great heroes, elaborate heists and daring rescues. There's drugs, cool cuss words, and various other "mature themes", but there's also romance, lessons to be learned, and always, in everything we do, compassion. Most of all, we're bringing you a comedy. Wyn K'Moji has its dark corners, like any world, and we're definitely going to make you cry at some point, but we're going to do our best to make you laugh along the way.
So, are you ready, kids? I can't hear you! Oooooooh... no wait, that's Spongebob. Um... Welcome to Wyn K'Moji. We couldn't book the Spongebob pirate. If I'm being honest, I wouldn't even know where to begin trying to do that. That said, if you're into podcasts like The Adventure Zone, The Magnus Archives, and Sawbones, or cartoons like Star Vs The Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls, and Bob's Burgers, if you're into Dragon Ball or Studio Ghibli, Hamilton or Taylor Swift, well, we are too! And you're sure to see their influence in Wyn K'Moji. If you believe in the capacity for decency and grace to overcome evil and ignorance, you'll find that here too. And if you don't like any of that... Well, we certainly have some questions about how you got here and what made you so jaded, but hopefully Sons Of Wyn K'Moji can encourage you to give 'em a chance, especially the whole decency and grace thing.
We love you, and we're so grateful to have the opportunity to turn these goofball characters into our dream job.

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